Fishing Report

25th, September 2016

Just a small update of what’s been happening for me on the fishing scene of late.

Four Springs Lake has been producing good numbers of fish around the edges; best fly’s to use have been stick caddis, small mudeyes and nymphs.

Monday 19th duns started to hatch in good numbers, we caught fish on the emerger, hatch was over quickly.

Thursday 22nd plenty of duns in dull afternoon light, fish on them mid afternoon, good sport was had by all.

River levels are just getting down to a good height.

I will be spending this week bush bashing and wading a few of my favourite streams casting a few small dry’s and nymphs, I have been waiting for the weather to clear for the last couple of weeks so I can attack.

Lake fishing is just starting to hot up in the Highlands with good fish showing around the edges in Woods lake, Arthurs, and Little Pine.

Penstock lagoon is fishing well to the persistent angler pulling wets (scratching) but the fish are showing around the edges in the right conditions. Casting small Mudeyes or fur fly’s will usually produce good bags.

With the high amount of rainfall this winter the Nineteen lagoons area should be fantastic, especially early on as a lot of small tarns will be restocked with fish after a couple of very dry years, these fish should put on weight very quickly and be as strong as ever!

So all I can say is get out there and start hunting Trout!

Tight lines

Memorable fish for Scott, presented 5 different flies before the take.

Memorable fish for Scott, presented 5 different flies before the take.