Boat and Safety

Our boat is regarded as the safest on the market for commercial fishing groups. It is ‘built to survey’ meaning it has been specially constructed for commercial use and to a higher standard than most recreational boats. 

At 4.5 metres long it provides comfortable fishing positions for up to four people. It has a 60 horsepower 4-stroke engine, plus an electric outboard motor mounted on the front of the vessel. This allows for silent passage through the water when fishing, and also provides the all-important back-up motor for safety. 


We provide safety gear including life jackets, First Aid kit and wet weather gear. 


Peter Donati holds a Coxswain Certificate in Maritime Operations Grade 2, near Coastal with passenger endorsement.

He is trained in elements of shipboard safety, fire-fighting at sea and sea survival and holds a First Aid Certificate. 

He holds a Passenger Transport Operator driver’s license.