Surf Fishing Tasmania
gummy shark tasmania

Surf Fishing

Unique Fishing Tours is, we believe, the first and only company to bring you all the excitement and rewards of surf fishing in Tasmania. 

With Peter’s expertise in targeting the right species, you’ll find casting with a long surf rod on Tasmania’s pristine northern and eastern beaches to be an unforgettable experience. In the right conditions, good fishing can be almost guaranteed. 

Full Day Surf Fishing Tour
8 to 10 hours
1 – 3 anglers

We take weather, wind and tide into consideration when planning this exhilarating day’s coastal fishing. Depending on conditions, we may head to the north, north-east or east coast. Fish we’ll be chasing include black back salmon, blue spot flathead, or Peter’s own favourite gummy shark – and there are many more species to be caught in a day’s surf fishing. 

While salmon and flathead can be caught at any time of the day using bait and lure, gummy shark is best caught during the evening and at night, on an incoming tide. 

This tour may leave Launceston as late as 4pm, returning home between midnight and 2am depending on the bite and the conditions of the sea.   

Accordingly, please call us to ask about this tour so that we may look at tides and weather, advising you on the best day for the best results. 

•    Pick up from accommodation
•    Drive to destination
•    Morning or afternoon tea, lunch or supper
•    All gear provided including rods, flies, lures or bait
•    Warm clothes are essential  
•    All fish cleaned and prepared for you to take home


One angler:     $550
Two anglers:   $650
Three anglers: $750