Bream Tasmania

Salt Water Bream

Tasmania’s bream fishing is arguably the best in Australia – and still a well-kept secret with few tour companies offering the chance to chase this feisty species. Our bream tours take you to the river or bay offering optimal conditions for bream on the day.

Full Day Bream Tour

8 to 10 hours
1-3 people

This tour offers a full day’s estuary fishing for bream using fly, lure or bait – whichever is your preference. For beginners, Peter is on hand to determine which method will suit you best. He’ll soon have you polaroiding the shallows, and casting bait into deep water ‘drop-offs’ for a unique and highly enjoyable experience.  

For the more experienced, fishing for large bream will be our ultimate aim, polaroiding to find fish of up to 2 kilograms in shallow waters – a most rewarding experience. 

•    Pick up from accommodation
•    Drive to destination
•    Full day fishing
•    Morning tea and lunch
•    All gear provided including rods, flies, lures or bait
•    Warm clothes required 


One angler:     $600
Two anglers:   $800
Three anglers: $950