About Peter

Peter Donati

Nuanced knowledge, natural enthusiasm 

Peter Donati was born and raised in Tasmania and has built up a wealth of knowledge and all-round expertise over a lifetime spent fishing in Tasmania’s rivers, estuaries and lakes. 

Peter was a keen fisherman by the age of ten, spending many days hunting and fishing with his father. 

His teenage years were spent bait fishing and casting lures in the North Esk and St Patrick’s River close to Launceston. At weekends he would go further afield to Mathinna and South Esk to fish the ‘hopper’ season, when grasshoppers drawn to waterways bring fish to the surface. 

At thirteen, Peter discovered fly-fishing and by sixteen he was doing a roaring trade tying flies and selling them to fellow fishermen to fund his new gear purchases. 

Over the last four decades Peter has become a lifelong enthusiast and devotee of fishing in Tasmania and more recently on New Zealand’s South Island. He is experienced in salt water fishing, estuarine and bay fishing on all of Tasmania’s species including bream, whiting, snapper, garfish, trevally, squid and many more.  

An avid and natural fisherman, Peter has undeniable skill, a knack for finding fish and a highly personable approach, inspiring enthusiasm in the beginner, and elevating the skills of even the most advanced angler.