Corporate Fishing Retreat

Unique Fishing Tours offers companiesa unique sporting experience in simply stunning locations.
Corporate fishing is a very effective way to establish relationships with your key clients and employees, face to face away from the office.

Today’s market trends confirm that people are in search of meaningful experiences over physical possessions.

A well-planned fishing adventure with Unique Fishing Tours will bring the people you employ a strong sense of direction, a powerful feeling of belonging, and a guarantee to have some fun. Providing the opportunity for your employees to work together during an adventure experience will establish a sense of teamwork that cannot be obtained by any other type of team building event.

Once more we partnered with Currawong Lakes Retreat, to offer special activities such as fly fishing, clay shooting and bird  watching.
You can bring up to 20 guests of all abilities to have a fun and enjoyable day of these activities.

You can also combine your day with work objectives, by using the meeting facilities and equipment provided.

Our packages also include accommodation and a personal chef who offers a corporate menu of your choice.